Parents: 5 Clever Ways to Use Storage Bins in Your Child’s Playroom

When setting up a playroom, you have to focus on organization, storage and fun. Storage containers can help you achieve all three of these goals. Keep your playroom looking great and acting functional with these five fun ideas for using storage bins in your playroom.

1. Use stackable storage bins to create walls and designate spaces

If you are turning part of a great room into a playroom, you can use stackable storage bins to partition the play area from the rest of your areas. Build half walls out of storage bins so you keep the kids' toys contained but so you can also keep an eye on the kids while you use the other parts of the room.

Alternatively, if you are turning a basement storage room into a playroom, you can make full-size walls out of stackable storage bins. These walls keep your kids away from furnaces, water heaters or other places you don't want them to access in your storage space, and at the same time, these bins can store your holiday decorations, winter coats or other items.

2. Use open bins to display toys

Regardless of whether or not you want to use stackable storage bins as temporary walls. you can use storage bins to organize toys and games in your playroom. Stackable bins can work great for this goal, but if you have young kids, it can be hard for them to access the items in these bins or read the labels to see what's inside.

Instead, consider using open bins. Open bins allow kids to see what toys are available, and they make it easier for the kids to put the toys away as they are accessible and easy to reach. Look for stackable open bins, and consider frames that allow the child to move the bin.

For example, a kid could grab a bin full of cars or blocks, play with them, scoop the toys back into the bin and then, just bring the filled bin back to the frame.

3. Turn bins into benches

Want places for kids to sit as they are playing? Using storage bins creatively, you can create seating that also doubles as storage. For example, if you have milk crates, you can zip tie them together to make a bench. Then, simply secure a padded seat on the top and slip bins into the milk crates.

Place these benches around the perimeter of the room, next to a table for tea parties or by a play table full of train tracks or building blocks.

4. Embrace bins for color

Of course, you want your playroom to be fun and colorful, but unfortunately, purchasing colorful kids furniture and decorations can be expensive. Use storage containers to give your playroom the burst of color it needs.

Whether you are making stackable walls, filling open bins with toys or turning bins into benches, look for fun colors. You can create a sleek and sophisticated look with black and white bins, you can make everything pretty in pink or you can brighten the room with a range of primary colors.

5. Decorate your storage bins

Whether you invest in colorful bins or have to use plain boring storage bins that you already own, consider adding a bit of extra pizzazz by decorating them. Grab the glitter glue and a pack of permanent markers, and let your kids have a blast while decorating the storage bins.

If you want to split up your storage so that each kid has his or her own bin of toys, let them decorate the bins with their names. Alternatively, you can decorate the bins based on what is inside them, or you can create fun educational themes on the storage bins like animals facts, alphabet sounds or fun poems.

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