Care Tips For The Mechanical Milling Machinery In Your Shop

Mechanical milling machines from a place like Allied High Tech are beneficial to your business to help shape metals with programmable designs; they have other functions in your shop as well. The machinery works using a combination of tools to create precise etching and to bond alloys to materials. Keeping this machinery in great condition is the best way to preserve and extend its useful life. Here are tips to keep your mechanical milling machinery in great working condition, especially if you use this type of equipment every day.


As you work with a mechanical milling machine, whether you use a vertical manual style or a laser-operated one, tiny particles of metals and other debris can get tossed into the air. These particles can clog up gears and cutting tools, rendering the machine less accurate and potentially causing it to cease. You want to work in a ventilated area where a fan can suck up the particles (often unseen) into its filters and vents while it is in use. This protects the machine by keeping it clean while also keeping the operator from inhaling chemicals and tiny pieces of debris that can cause potential respiratory issues. A person should always wear a mask, protective gloves, and eye wear when operating a mechanical milling machine.


After the end of every day the machine is used, it should be wiped down thoroughly by a thick cloth with grooves that allow debris to stick to it. The points should all be wiped down as well as any exposed gears. The work table should also be swept clean by using a shop vacuum to suck up large amounts of material. If gears or pulleys are found to be dry, they should be lubricated with products designed for mechanical milling machinery.


If a mechanical milling machine is only used periodically in your shop, it should be stored in a covered area away from other machinery when not in use. Make sure the equipment is lubricated and all cords are wrapped up to keep the machinery safe for future use. Always inspect the equipment for blockages, loose or non-working parts, and make sure all gears are in working condition before firing it up again.

With proper care, you can expect your mechanical milling equipment to last for many years. You can refer to an operator's manual for replacement parts and lubricants that will keep it in good working condition for as long as you own the unit.