Using a Die Cutting Machine to Manufacture Gaskets to Prevent Leaks

Gaskets are disks that are placed in between two things to form a tight seal. They may also be used to help reduce vibrations as they help to maintain that tight seal. They are usually made out of rubber or silicone. The way that a gasket works is that when something is being assembled, the gasket is placed in between the two parts.

For example, in your plumbing, a gasket could be placed in between two pipes to ensure that you have a tight seal. In the case of your toilet, there is a gasket that is placed in between the toilet seat and the tank so that the water in the tank doesn't leak through to your floor. In your car, gaskets are used to make sure that fuel stays where it should be when it's going to the cylinders and to keep the coolant where it needs to be. 

In order to do their job, the tolerances for gaskets have to be very precise, both in thickness and size. A gasket that is too big or too small will not seat properly and may either leak or block the pipes or cylinders where the gaskets are installed. That means that a company that makes gaskets needs to make sure that they have a way to make the gaskets to those precise measurements. However, the company still needs to be able to mass produce the gasket because, if the company tries to make each one by hand, the gasket is going to be cost-prohibitive.

A company may create a prototype gasket by hand to make sure that gasket will fit where it is supposed to and not allow any leaks. Once the prototype is perfected, the company may be looking for the best way to manufacture the gaskets.

One way to make sure that all the gaskets are made to the exact tolerances and made quickly is to use a die cut machine. A die is like a cookie cutter; it will be a metal piece that is the same shape and size of the gasket. A die cut machine will have several dies. The material gets fed through the machine, and the dies will stamp down and cut out the gaskets. That way each gasket is exactly the same and of the exact, correct measurements. 

Gaskets are necessary in many situations and uses, and it is important that they are the perfect size. Talk to a die cutting service for more information about gasket manufacture.