Two Types Of Pan Liners For Use In Your Food Service Environment

If you work in a food service environment or kitchen and perform cooking and baking tasks, you may recognize the importance of using pan liners for your cooking sheets and pans. Pan liners are an efficient way to cook and bake. They can save you the hassle and time of cleaning your greasy pans, making your operation more productive. In addition, food will not acquire a metallic taste, as it will not be in direct contact with the metal cooking sheets. As an added bonus, grease will not clog your plumbing, as it will be contained on the liners.

You should note, however, that there are various types of pan liners for your cooking needs. These include the sheet pan liners for use on cooking pans, as well as liner sheet inserts for steam tables. Both the sheet pan liners and the liner inserts for steam tables offer various options. Here's are the two basic liners to consider for your cooking needs:

1. The Basic Paper Sheet Pan Liner

This is an affordable and simple solution for your baking needs. Whether you are baking cookies, meats, fish or poultry, paper pan liners are easy to use and disposable. They are a

available in bulk packaging and each sheet is made to apply flat on your cooking or baking sheet. The basic options for paper pan liners are those coated with a non-stick application, or a silicone type coating.

Silicone coating is best for cooking and baking at high temperatures. Bakers especially prefer this type of coating when using a high amount of sugar in their recipes. The non-stick and silicone options will ensure your food cooks and browns evenly and will not stick to the paper. Silicone baking mats are another option that can be washed and used repeatedly. Most are designed to be used in the microwave as well.

Another type of paper sheet pan liner is the bake and re-use type. These are recommended for medium heat when cooking and baking. They are made to be used multiple times. The reusable paper pan liners are typically resistant to moisture and grease.

Keep in mind that many sellers of industrial use pan liners offer pre-cut liners to fit your round pans as well. This is a smart alternative that can save you time, as there is no need to cut your own to fit a round pan.

2. Liner Sheet Inserts for Your Steam Table Pans

If you keep hot foods (such as meatballs or chicken fritters) warm in a steam table, you can save yourself time and effort by using liner inserts inside the pans. This type of liner insert is often made of polyethylene terephthalate (PTL) material. Nylon liners may also be used and these are often referred to as poly pan liners or inserts.

The materials of the inserts will help preserve your pans from overheating and burning. It can also protect the interior of your steam table elements from grease and splashes. Additionally, these disposable inserts will making your cleaning tasks so much easier, as you simply toss out the liners when you are finished. You may also notice your steamed foods retain heat better and they do not dry out as quickly. Moisture is retained in the liner bags or inserts, so your foods tastes juicy.

The liner sheet inserts are also designed to be used for a broad range of cooking temperatures. One more benefit you may appreciate: You can refrigerate and store your leftovers in the insert bag liners. That's pretty convenient. The liner sheet inserts for steam table pans are available in a few various depths.