How To Bring Your Roofing Business Into The Current Century

Roofing the old-fashioned way means you take a bunch of sawhorses with you to the site, you bring all the supplies with, and you use a table saw or circular saw to cut everything by hand. While you could still do things this way, you may want to try a different approach. Here is how to bring your roofing business into the current century with the use of the following roofing equipment.

Roof Panel Machines

Metal roofs and other roofs that use long panels rather than multiple separate shingles or sheet shingles have to be cut to fit. Enter the roof panel machine, which remains bolted to the ground and stabilized. These machines cut anything of any length, simply by programming the measurements into the attached computer and running the materials through the saw and across the work platform. You get precision-cut roof panels every time, with no errors and no need to trim.

A roof panel machine is an investment, but it is worth it because you are able to take on all kinds of roofing projects. It is like having a factory CNC machine or a lumberjack's sawmill right at your fingertips. All panels roll through on a self-propelled conveyor system, pushing your finished panels out the opposite end. The best part is that it runs on gas or a rechargeable battery pack and tows behind your truck like a trailer.

Gutter Machines

Of course, along with your roof panel machine, you will need to get a gutter machine. The gutter machine makes gutter cutting an absolute breeze. No tearing, twisting or shredding of the lightweight sheet metal of gutters will happen anymore. Instead, the gutter machine makes perfect straight and mitered corners on all gutters. If you are going to cut roofing panels to perfection, you should cut the gutters with perfection, too.

Stud Bolt Welding

You also need a bolt driver that drives bolts through a welded surface. Imagine the roofing jobs you could do if your welder could combine welding skills with bolt driving. The result is a metal roof that is unshakable and quite permanent. Get a stud bolt driver that is specifically for use by welders.


You should start with the above equipment. These machines also have various accessories you can purchase to use with the machines, but until you get the hang of using them, you can wait on those. Buy the listed machines so that you can work faster and smarter, not slower and with less efficient tools. Contact a company, like Metal Roof Market Inc., for help.