How to Secure a Half-Slotted Box

Half-slotted boxes, those lidded boxes that are so handy for storing extra files and other items to which you need fast access, are easy to find and even easier to use. But sometimes you need to secure the box for long-term storage or transport, and these boxes can be tricky in that respect because the lids make taping the box shut a bit clumsy. But it is possible, and securing the box so that nothing can get in or out while it's in transit or in storage doesn't take long once you get the hang of it.

Don't Forget the Bottom Flaps

The real problem with transporting or storing a box like this isn't that the bottom flaps will suddenly split open, allowing everything to fall out. The real problem is that the box will sit on a surface near something that can leak, either from another container or another storage unit, and that liquid will seep into the box through the gaps between flaps. Or worse, there will be bugs, who crawl into the box through spaces that haven't been taped over.

Always tape over the bottom flaps completely, not just the center line but the ends as well. For best results and strength, too, add another strip of tape along the center line after you've added the end strips. So that would be one line down the center, one on each end, and a last strip of tape down the center again.

Secure with Three Layers of Tape

Taping down the lid may seem simple—place a strip of tape all around the edge of the lid—but that one strip can open up easily along its sides, leaving gaps. When you tape down the edges of the lid, use at least three strips of tape. One should cover the main gap between the lid edge and the box wall, the second should reinforce the top edge of that first strip of tape, and the third should reinforce the bottom edge of the first strip of tape.

Extra Reinforcement for the Lid

If the boxes are going to be moved somewhere—not just a mile or so to a storage unit, but actually packed up and moved to someplace like a new city—wrap strapping tape around the lid and box, along both the long and short sides of the box. That extra tape will help prevent the lid from popping off if the box gets jostled too roughly.

Half-slotted boxes are convenient to use, but storing them and moving them contains the additional risk of the lid coming off. Properly securing the box and lid makes it more likely that everything in the box will stay in the box, and you'll be able to reuse the box for your next move. To learn more about packaging, contact companies like Packsize Now, LLC