Lift, Unroll, And Tuck: How Insulation Installation Is So Easy

Next to many of the different home improvement projects, insulation installation is practically a roll of good fun, depending on which type of insulation you choose. Both types of insulation require a little effort, but not so much effort as, say, exercise. Yet, insulation installation is far easier by comparison. Here are all the ways insulation installation is easier than exercise.

You Will Not Sweat Nearly as Much

Installing insulation is really simple. Either you are using a machine to blow insulation into spaces in your attic and walls, or you are unrolling rolls of insulation to place between the stud boards in your wall. Unless you are doing this process in eighty- or ninety-degree weather, you are barely breaking a sweat in the process. 

Unrolling the Insulation Is Akin to Unrolling a Carpet

Rolled insulation is easily unrolled. It rolls out just like a rolled carpet. There is so little effort in the movement that it is almost fun. 

Lifting the Insulation into Place

Most of the fluffy pink fiberglass insulation you may use is light as a feather. If it were not for the millions of shards of glass in it, you might be tempted to lay on it because it looks so comfy. At any rate, there is no physical exertion or resistance required. Just cut the roll of insulation in the right lengths and lift toward the walls. Be sure to have gloves and coveralls on when you do this so that you do not get tiny cuts on any exposed skin.

Tucking Insulation into the Walls

Tucking insulation into the walls is practically child's play. It is just a matter of lightly pushing the strip of insulation into and between the vertical stud boards. It can hold there for a bit because the fibers are catching on the rough wood. It stays in place just long enough for you to staple the insulation into place. 

Could You DIY Insulation Installation?

Yes, you absolutely could DIY insulation installation. There is just one catch; do you know how much insulation you need and how much you need to install? You should know that there is a point where too much is no longer beneficial. That is when you have to call in some professional help, or in this case, the insulation installation technician/contractor. He or she can provide you with some advice at least, even if you do not hire him/her to finish the job.