Differentiating Between Different FANUC Training Courses With A Purpose In Mind

If you do an internet search on "FANUC training," you get a couple of different options. That is because there are a few companies that have chosen the "FANUC" acronym, either for their company's name or for the products the company produces. Oddly enough, these same companies that have adopted this acronym are closely related in what they do. If you come across a job posting and the job posting says you will need "FANUC training" either before or after being hired, you should know what that means and how you can either acquire such training or how to get your foot in the door to take the training.

FANUC, the Robotics Company

This industrial robotics company based in Japan regularly hires new designers and engineers to help create industrial automation robots. When a job posting refers to training in this particular sense, it usually means that you will have to pass new employee testing once you have the job. Getting the job with this company means that you will have to seriously impress them with your extensive robotics knowledge and/or mechanical engineering degree. Even with all of that education and training behind your belt, this company would still expect you to pass their new employee training.

CNC Training

A highly specialized CNC machining course trains you on how to use a FANUC CNC machining control panel. This particular type of CNC control panel is unlike other control panels currently in use in the US. Learning how to use, manipulate, and understand one of these machines often comes as on-the-job training for CNC machinists, but if you wanted a leg up in your career as a machinist, you could take a FANUC training course to learn outside of work. Then you could apply to any machinist job where the employer was insistent about job candidates knowing how to operate these particular CNC control panels and machines.

Robotics Education Training Certification Courses

There are also courses designed to teach robotics instructors about industrial robots and how the instructors can teach their students about industrial robots. Such courses count as continuing education credits for instructors while simultaneously giving them more knowledge about a subject that they currently teach and could teach students more about. The courses are designed for teachers and students from high school through college so that instructors can choose the level of instruction that best fits with the ages and grade levels of their students.

FANUC Training Academy

Imagine a school that trains and educates you to become an expert in robotics engineering. There are definitely schools for that, but these programs take much longer than an eight-day course, or the post-hiring, on-the-job training. Instead, you enroll in these schools in much the same way you would if you intended to pursue any degree. It is an institute of higher learning that will require your undivided attention to complete coursework and enter the labor force. 

Understanding the Need to Differentiate

So, as you can see from above, there are different courses and trainings all connected to the same acronym; FANUC. It can get quite confusing if you do not know what it is you are searching for, or what exactly is involved. It does not help that all of the above education programs and training programs deal with similar subject matter, which happens to be robotics, industrial automation, and engineering instruction. Knowing exactly who is requesting the training, what the specific training is, and why the training is required will help you decide what training or education program you need to follow or complete and when you are required to complete it.