Brickwork Restoration To Improve The Border Around A Fountain

A rectangle-shaped fountain that is located near the edge of your property may be showing signs of wear, especially if the water feature is surrounded by a brick border that contains a top layer of bricks that are chipped. If the water feature used to be considered the most prominent feature in your yard, the addition of a top layer of bricks can help you restore the aesthetical appeal of the fountain.

New Bricks Will Breathe New Life Into The Structure

Use a high-pressure water system to rinse the surface of the brickwork, beginning near the top of the structure and ending near the bottom. Years of dirt, loose clay, and grime will be washed from the masonry supplies and will give you a clear perspective of which actual bricks need to be replaced. Any minor imperfections won't necessarily take away from the border.

Pay attention to the top layer of bricks since these materials are what are exposed the most and may incur the brunt of the damage, especially if weighted items are ever added to the top row of the brickwork. If bricks have broken in half or if a large portion of brick has a chunk missing from it, use a pry bar, a trowel, or a chisel and hammer to loosen the pieces of the damaged bricks that remain attached to the brick border.

Any mortar that was previously applied to the bottom side of the damaged bricks will need to be eliminated so that new masonry supplies will lay flush against the bricks that are directly below them. It will require some strenuous scrubbing and scraping to remove the mortar. Moisten the dry mortar as needed, to aid in getting the material to lift from the brickwork.

A Mortar Mix And Smoothing Techniques Can Be Utilized

If you are only going to be replacing a few bricks and don't want to go through the hassle of blending dry mortar and water, to create a large batch of the adhesive, purchase a small tub of the mix that has already been blended. You will need a narrow trowel, a clean sponge, and a bucket of water to complete the repair steps.

Use the trowel to slather on a layer of mortar on all sides of a  brick, that will be concealed, once is it secured to the border. Press the new bricks into place. Use the flat side of the trowel to smooth out the mortar. Use a damp sponge to wipe off any excess mortar that you spilled during the application of the new masonry supplies.

For additional information, reach out to a local masonry supplies distributor.