3 Tips For Buying A Warehouse Pallet Rack System

Investing in the right warehouse equipment is important when it comes to the productivity and efficiency of your company. Pallet racks are among the largest pieces of equipment that you will find in a warehouse setting.

Before you invest in a pallet rack system for your space, there are some important factors that you will need to take into consideration. Use the following three tips to help steer you toward the pallet rack system that will serve as a benefit for your warehouse well into the future.

1. Know Your Product

You need access to information on typical pallet dimensions and weight if you want to invest in a rack system that will optimize the amount of storage space you have available in your warehouse.

Large, heavy pallets will require a heavy-duty rack system that can support the weight of your products. Small, lightweight pallets can safely be stored on smaller rack systems that feature more shelves.

Arming yourself with the dimensions and weight of the pallets you typically house your products on inside a warehouse will ensure that you find a pallet rack system that is sized to meet your unique needs.

2. Identify Your Workflow Design

All warehouses have a natural workflow when it comes to the products that are received and the products that are shipped. It is critical that you have an in-depth understanding of the workflow design in your warehouse if you want to invest in the right pallet rack system.

Two common workflow designs are the first-in-first-out, and last-in-first-out methods. Different styles of pallet rack systems will work better with each unique workflow design, so let your warehouse workflow help you identify the right system for your space.

3. Check for Durability

The last thing you want is for your pallet rack system to fail. These kinds of failures can result in lost or damaged products, and can even cause serious injuries to employees working within your warehouse.

Take the time to check the durability of each pallet rack system you are considering. You want a rack system that is capable of resisting vertical and horizontal bending stresses. A good pallet rack system will also feature a high level of beam load sustainability.

Be sure that the pallet rack system you end up purchasing is durable when loaded uniformly, and when load patterns may fluctuate to maximize the safety of your warehouse over time.

If you're ready to buy a pallet rack system, reach out to a service provider to discuss your options.